Support Donovan to Fulfill his Olympic Dream

I am currently at a point in my sports career in which the economic support of third parties is of vital importance to keep training and continue to represent Mexico in events of International and World stature.

These events will help me build my way to fulfill my goal of making history by representing Mexico in the next Olympic Games of 2022.

It is part of the history of skating in Mexico.

I personally appreciate each and every one of your donations.

Donovan Carrillo

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Dollars Received in Donations

¡Thank you for your overwhelming support!

Thanks to all those whose unconditional support fuel my path and makes it easier.

I have all of you in my heart in each competition and training .

My Corporate Sponsors

My Private Sponsors

Jennifer Willard, Ellen Morin, Denise Castaneda, Melissa Okimoto, Megan Findlay, Monica Corona, Giselle Campos, Enrica Gerardi, Beth Fuqua, Jovana Garcia, Sarah Elias, Geralynn Kohake, Carmen Casillas, Uyen Nguyen,  Mariana Albarrán, Abisag Cedeno, Patricia Vila, Johanna Macias, Salem Navarrete, Hitomi Yamano, Wilona Wahab,  Licia Granger, Ruth Mersereau, Irina Gradinaru, Louise Hoffman, Laura Bean, Mary Justine, Erina Takano, Christine Grit, Cynthia Ttito, Leonardo Buonomo, Eri Horiuchi, Max Leleu, Robinson Roacho, Arriba 627, Alice Chow.

And to all of those who decided to remain anonymous, Thanks.

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